The red blur you see in the photo below (a screen shot, literally) is the snow plow mounted on the front of our truck. Regular readers will know that yesterday the snowplow quit working. Renowned for my mechanical aptitude I went through my entire arsenal of fixit tricks: Shutting the truck off and back on. Wiggling the joystick really hard. Pretending I didn’t care. Checking the truck fuses (abandoned when I couldn’t locate them). Removing the shield over the electric motor and staring at it. Checking all connections. Well, not all of them, just ones I could reach. Staring some more, this time with a cap-lift-head-scratch thrown in. Checking the hydraulic fluid (full, sadly, because I really thought I had something there). Sitting in the cab with a screwdriver and the heater running and removing the cap on the control module (not a hope of fixing or finding anything but it was warm in there and they were talking about the Packers on the radio).

Finally, after one more turn-off/turn-on and a last heartfelt stare, I resigned myself to figuring out how to chain the blade up and take it to the repair shop come Monday, and went inside to watch the Packer game.

Cut to pre-dawn this morning and walking past that truck I just couldn’t stand it. One more try, I thought to myself, thinking it not out of the question that an overnight interstellar disturbance might have joggled some critical electron into place. Climbed in the frozen cab, fired it up and hit the joystick. Nothing. But I couldn’t surrender the field that easily.

So I reached under the dash and … wiggled some wires.

She’s workin’ fine now.


*File under “tenuous” and stay tuned.

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