Thanks Family and Radio Tomorrow


Fine afternoon at a family get-together yesterday. When you’re eating off a paper plate while sitting on a lawn chair within ten feet of bolt buckets and a vise, well then that’s good living. Weather so fine we had the shop door wide open (Uncle Mike pulled the International pickup around to the side so we had room for the food table). I enjoy the company of people along a wide spectrum of endeavor and perspective, but I am never more comfortable than when I am eating in a place where if you spill your macaroni you just grab the shop broom and sweep it out the door – if the hounds don’t get it first.

Favorite moment: my eldest daughter gathering chestnuts and cracking them in a ratcheting arbor press after guidance from her Uncle John. (Some would like me to add that it’s not a good idea to eat raw chestnuts.)

Will be on the radio tomorrow (details here) talking about The Clodhopper Monologues.

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