Big Thanks

The Long Beds and I had a boot-stompin’ good time at Phoenix Park and the Mousetrap last night. My ears were still ringing with it all this morning while I moved the chickens (they’re on fresh field peas today and happy as chickens get). Thank you to everyone…never quite know how to convey it. We recognize when we see you out there you took time from your evening to make the journey and join us, and we never take that for granted.

To the guy who gave me the carburetor, thanks! To the little tyke who skidded into me on his green bike, I’m glad yer up and around. Get back on that horse!

Above all, thank you to the Long Beds (my friends and solid companions) and our special guest Mary Cutrufello. What fun we had…sure was cool to look over to my left and see Mary goin’ to town on that Tele. I had the best seat in the house, folks. If you’re in the Eau Claire area next Friday, June 17, you have a chance to see Mary again at Harmony Corner Cafe. Please do go.

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