A Night at the Opera(s)

Lately I’ve been doing a thing I call the Clodhopper Monologues. I just get up there on stage with a microphone and some stories. And a couple of notes taped to the floor. We have two more of these coming up, and I’m looking forward to them because the venues are gonna be great.  The first will be in Stoughton, Wisconsin, on April 28, at the gorgeous (just look at the photo) Stoughton Opera House. (Tickets available online or at the Yahara River Cooperative Grocery, a place that makes me hungry just thinking about it.)

Then on Saturday night, April 30, I’ll do it again in Green Lake (near Ripon, and less than an hour from the Oshkosh/Fond Du Lac area) at the Thrasher Opera House. (Tickets available online or at  – go ahead, browse!Pastimes Books Etc.)

It’s such a treat to step into these places, look around, and imagine all the words and music that have bounced around the walls over the years. And a special thank you to all of the volunteers and dedicated folks who resurrect and maintain these spaces.

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