Yer Basic Tool

Big ol’ willow tree fell across the neighbor’s fenceline, yesterday my buddy Mills helped me cut and clear it. Then we cut up a bunch of oak slugs I’d been wanting to get to for three or four years now. They were left behind from a logging operation…good wood, but mostly too short or crooked or cracked. They were sunk into the ground some, and matted with old weeds. In order to get them sectioned without ruining the chain on the saw, we’d cut them 3/4 through then roll them to finish the cuts. So I got to use my cant hook.



This hook was given to me by my Dad. You can see he put some blobs of fluorescent orange spray paint on it so it’s easier to find if you forget it in the brush or it drops off the skidder and falls in the snow. The cant hook was originally owned by my friend Ricky. He sold it to my Dad. I wrote about Ricky in Coop.

The wood was still in real good shape, it’ll burn nice. Get’er split, and let’er spend the summer stacked in the woodshed, and it’ll stoke right up. A few big grainy drifts of this year’s snow still remain, but it’s never too early to begin building next winter’s fires…

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