Velvet Pipes

When it comes to anything involving a microphone, I’d be outta luck if I had never met Al Ross. I remember going into the studio 20 years ago and watching him cut first-take vocals time after time, but I also remember watching how he approached the microphone, how he moved in and out, treating it like an instrument, and how he always envisioned that invisible audience. You should hear his voice; velvet pipes that make me feel like a prepubescent squeaker. But most of all he is a genius of the long-lost art of talking (as opposed to yelling) on the radio. Al’s the kind of guy, if you gave him an overnight show, and even if it was just him and a microphone, if you tuned him in at 10 p.m. while headed west outta Fall Creek, you’d still be listening when the sun came up in North Dakota.

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