Oh, There It Is

Been missing my fire department first responder pager for three weeks.  Looked high, low, outside, inside, chair cushions, sock drawer, under tractor seat, you name it.  I have a handheld radio that doubles as a pager if necessary, but it got to the point where I was practicing my “umm…errr…” speech to the chief.  Yesterday I went to Long Beds rehearsal.  When I opened my gig bag (actually it’s a gig toolbox), there, right on top, next to the spare cables, extra picks, tuning pedal and bluegrass capo, was the pager.  Placed there very carefully – so I wouldn’t lose it – right before the Sue Orfield show in December.

Here’s a snippet from that show, thanks to weebree22:

Watching that I’m reminded again what fun we had that evening.  Band took good care of me.  And keep in mind: somewhere just offstage, safely tucked away, sits my pager.

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