Friends in Harmony

Long ways from home, alone writing, deep in headphones listening to iTunes mix, random song after song drawn from a couple thousand (still adding them, CD by CD), and one of my own snuck in (well of course they’re in there!) and here in a place where I don’t know a face, I am swept by the harmony of the last two choruses, because I don’t just hear voices, I hear friends gathered close around a microphone: Billy Krause, Chris Ramey, Justin Vernon.  And when I hear the bass, I think of Chuck, delivering me gently to the next line…

The song (appropriately enough) is about being 842 miles away from home.  There are harmonies throughout, but it’s in the final two choruses that they really come on.  When Chris and Justin soar on the word “song,” I get a chill.

842 Miles – Tiny Pilot

Gratitudes, fellers.  Gratitudes.

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