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As a way of keeping in touch, we recently sent the second installment of the “SneezingCow Report” to everyone on our snail-mail list.  If you didn’t receive one, you can view the newsletter here.

In addition to wood-splitter towing motorcycles, a chicken coop on wheels, and a chance to bid on out-of-print and rare Mike Perry books and prose, the current newsletter announces the first installment of Sneezing Cow Podcast.  Episode #1 includes Mike and Al discussing yodeling, spit cups, and fatherhood, and Mike reads an essay about fatherhood. Also included is a live audience clip in which Mike tells the beer tent story (and the hair loss story, and the nursing degree story). To listen, download, or stream the Podcast follow this link.  Podcast #2 is currently in the editing stage and should be available in the next couple of weeks depending on factors including snow, firewood, and sausage-making.

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