Poetry, Day by Day

The leaves have only just begun to loosen, and yet one must prepare for the year to come.  As such, I am pleased to announce that the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets has released its Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar for the year 2011.  The calendar pages are filled with poetry by Wisconsin residents and – of course – plenty of room for scribbling appointments or scattered verse.

I am honored and privileged to say a poem I wrote about loons (the feathered kind) was included.  I am even more tickled to say that other poets present include: at least one of my former babysitters; a guy from Chetek who was at many of the first poetry readings I ever attended some 20 years ago; the legendary Antler; downright famed poet Todd Boss, of whom I have written previously; our dear departed Norma; a “housewife” poet (spare me the emails, the joke is shared and well-burnished); and many more friends, regional mentors, and fellow scribblers.

Art for the calendar was provided by Candace Hennekens of Fall Creek, Wisconsin (yep, we share the same post office).

Again, ordering information available here.

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