Leaving the Peloton

A long time ago I raced bicycles.  I was mildly mediocre.  I actually cut back on bike racing so I could devote more time to this new thing I was trying: writing.  Go figure.  Anyhoo, been years since I hammered off the front in a criterium or shaved my legs (that’s a whole ‘nother post).  Mostly I crashed.  Once while winning a race I ran straight into a bridge abutment.  If you’re ever in Spring Street Sports, be sure to ask if you can view the Pave’ Award that has my name on it.  Pave’ is French for asphalt.  Really all you need to know.

But I was in to biking when the sport was going through profound transformation, and nothing was more stunning than the victory of Greg Lemond over Laurent Fignon.  Lemond’s use of aerodynamic gear marked the dawn of a new era.

A shock, then, to see Fignon is gone.

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