Thank You Rhinelander

Just put the chickens in at (muggy) dusk after making the drive home from Rhinelander.  Thank you to everyone who worked hard to deliver us there, and to electrify the sound, and thank you to everyone working so hard to help the fair make a comeback.  Early reports are good.  It was fun to play while smelling corn dogs, although it may have caused me to transpose a few more lyrics than usual.  Weather was overcast but humid, and by the third song I was sweating like I was baling hay, but I don’t mind sweating a little, because soon enough it’ll be snot-rocket weather again, and anyone who was there knows what I’m talkin’ about.

Above all, we’re just always grateful to see folks in the seats, taking time from their day to listen to the stories and songs.

And a special thanks to Theresa Seabloom and WXPR.

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