On the Road Today

Driving across the border to Minnesota for a library event – free and open to the public, c’mon over if y’like.

Good run of days…got some typing done, but also cut a bunch of oats, a little wheat, got it stuffed in the granary as a buffer against winter’s feed bill.  Then tilled up the oats patch and sowed rapeseed.  Plan is it’ll be up in time to graze the meat chickens that just arrived Monday in the form of yellow puffballs.  Been running the scythe, shoulders and hands show it.  My wife and oldest daughter and our friend/helper Carissa got paint on most of both chicken coops.  They’re gonna look great.  We also had a fine family night around the firepit in our yard, eating, enjoying the company of just the four of us.  A few sparklers, some hot-coals popcorn and pie, then we slept in the tent, camped out equidistant between the front porch and chicken coop.

And let me say that drying in our barn is the most glorious fetching of garlic, grown and harvested by my wife.

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