Off For A Run

Supposed to participate in a very brief road race today.  Although I’m typing this the night before – so there’s always the possibility I’ve overslept.  The race begins at 9 a.m.  This is uncivilized.  Why not, say, 2 p.m.?  Or 5 p.m. if I needed a nap?  Then I could run the race and go straight to supper.  That’d be nice.

UPDATE: Made it.  Wasn’t pretty, but I made it.  This was a race of one mile.  In high school I ran a mile in 4:48.  Two years ago I ran the mile in 5:58.  Today, I ran it in 5:50.  So I figure another ten years of training, I’ll be right back at those high school numbers.

I placed third in the 40-49 year old category.  This was so unexpected that I missed it when they called my name at the awards ceremony and only figured it out later when I looked at the results.  When I told my wife I placed third in my age group, she said, “Well, how many people were in this race?”

I call my wife the Great Calibrator.

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