Well, That Was Fun

After taking in a local art show (with pieces by several friends including mixed media artist Lori Chilefone), I set out into the night (OK, it wasn’t dark yet and I only had to walk 50 feet) to attend the Jaggernauts/Drunk Drivers concert.

Solicitous aside: With respect to the range of folks who drop in here, if you intend to chase down the links that follow, please know that the artists in question sometimes express their art in a frank manner.  I like Frank and I like frank, but it ain’t for everyone.

By common consent, the ‘Nauts show was one of their tightest, including a full-on live version of “Zombie, Robot, Ninja Pirate.”  Good to see Noel and the boys at work, and as always, fun to see the “other” Ramey (in another musical life he is a Long Bed).

As for the Drunk Drivers, I hadn’t seen them in a few years, and man they were all I remembered.  Small-town-rooted boot-stomp, outta-my-way, sweaty-t-shirt gut-rock with lyrics that balance smart (“Model Citizen” is far more than a star-spangled drinking song) with unapologetic busted-knuckle fun (The evening’s rendition of “Blatz Sabbath” was definitive).

Others agree:

“The manic energy that the Drunk Drivers bring to the stage ensures they always sound fresh …Combine tight rhythm section, strong singer-front person and non-wanky guitar hero; add Farfisa (and Blatz) as needed; stir crowd frequently.” Isthmus, Madison WI

“Drunk Drivers’ sound contains genuinely serpentine swagger… equal parts Graceland, Jonestown and Waco exultation.” The Pulse, Minneapolis, MN

“Bukowski set to music by four guys who have somehow managed to make being a motor head from small-town Wisconsin sexy.” Minneapolis Star Tribune

“They drank and played for almost 2 1/2 hours. Their crowd consisted mostly of Wisconsin natives in stocking caps and flannels hoisting their Old Style bottles well above their heads. Good times.” –Big city concert goer

Regarding that last quote: Yes, if you attend a Drunk Drivers show, due to audience enthusiasm you may endure a certain krausening.  A fine foamy mist as if from heaven.  But I had a great time in the back with my ear plugs and bottled water.  And as a bald old Dad I was tickled to see the lead guitarist’s tot daughter pogoing for Pop up there in the front (this was a non-bar setting, and yes, she was hearing protected, and went home to bed early).

Anyways.  Thanks, Jaggernauts and Drivers.  That was good loud fun.

P.S. Thanks to our hosts.

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