Yer One of Us…

Sending this out to my friend Jay Moore at Moose Country radio, where the tagline is: “If you’ve ever [insert goofy jackpine knuckleheaded behavior here] … yer one of us.”

Background, Part 1: For the past three years I busted up all of our firewood (and sometimes not enough of it) with a simple splitting maul.  I like splitting wood.  Good for my body, good for my head.  However, we burn a bunch of it and I was getting behind.  I saw a hydraulic splitter on sale.  I made the move.

Background, Part 2: My buddy Mills is forever helping me with projects and lending me things.  I rarely have anything he needs, and as far as helping him, I always seem to be on the road whenever he does a project.

So: When Mills asked if he could borrow my splitter, I was tickled that I finally had something he could use.  He towed it home behind his car.

But when he brought it back a week later…(photo after the jump)

If you’ve ever  towed a logsplitter behind your…motorcycle…  Yer one of us!

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