Wormy Weirdness

I’m taking a week to just hang out with my family.  We’re not going anywhere exotic, in fact most days we’re just knockin’ around the farm.  But posts for this week may or may not reflect reality or current events, as I’ve set them up to publish themselves so I can be off splitting firewood or toasting marshmallows or re-inventing myself as the Chicken Whisperer.

Out to collect chicken eggs and shut the coop door the other night after dark and I kept seeing strange sticks lying every which way on the ground.  When I shone the headlamp closer, I discovered they were nightcrawlers.  Thousands of them, all over the yard and the chicken run.  Brought the kids out to see it.  So many we could actually hear them moving…a slimy clicking noise.  The ten-year-old put on her head lamp and went pouncing around trying to catch them.  The worms zip out of sight with surprising speed.

Not sure what the deal is.  It’s been very warm and dry.  I googled a bit, but found nothing satisfactory.  I do know I saw a robin yanking one from the ground the other morning, she was leaned back yanking on that worm just like she’d been drawn by P.D. Eastman.

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