Shop Door Open

I’m taking a week to just hang out with my family.  We’re not going anywhere exotic, in fact most days we’re just knockin’ around the farm.  But posts for this week may or may not reflect reality or current events, as I’ve set them up to publish themselves so I can be off splitting firewood or toasting marshmallows or re-inventing myself as the Chicken Whisperer

If, like me, you possess less-than-remedial mechanical skills, you know what a treasure a talented and trustworthy mechanic can be.  For several years now we’ve been turning to a guy named Scott, and he’s never steered us wrong.  Recently he opened his own garage (named after his son) (and yep, I can assure you agnostics are welcome).  This morning I picked up one vehicle and dropped off another, and I noticed Scott was working with the shop door open.  We both agreed it is a fine thing when you can get back to running your wrenches in the open air.  We take spring where we find it.

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