Friends Had a Fire

I’m taking a week to just hang out with my family.  We’re not going anywhere exotic, in fact most days we’re just knockin’ around the farm.  But posts for this week may or may not reflect reality or current events, as I’ve set them up to publish themselves so I can be off splitting firewood or toasting marshmallows or re-inventing myself as the Chicken Whisperer

My friend Jay is an author from Prairie Farm, Wisconsin.  I just found out Jay and Ken lost their house in a fire – the details are here.  What struck me as I read their report was how the entire post was written from the perspective of gratitude.  Sometimes I am guilty of overstating the whole rural Midwest strength-in-stoicism thing, but I hope if I ever find myself in similar circumstance I will comport myself with the strength of Jay and Ken.

Sadly, Jay’s latest manuscript did not survive.  The pumpkin seed oil, on the other hand, has been preserved.

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