The whole family put on snowshoes and walked ’round the candlelit trails of the Beaver Creek Reserve the other night.  Hauled the two-year-old in a sled, she kept saying we were “snow-shooting,” which sounds like fun to me.  It was a nice setup, short enough that I took the 9-year-old on a second loop while my wife and young Jane headed inside where Jane enjoyed looking at all the nature exhibits.  On the second loop, Amy and I talked about Uncle John, who is the real snowshoer of our family.  We agreed that his beard matches his snowshoes.

A special thanks to the staff and volunteers who ran the show.  All the ridiculous hoo-hah in the world and there we were enjoying a peaceful candlelit walk with our children and other nameless folks, everyone shuffling along in the dark.

My wife and I had a chuckle earlier in the week when we were discussing our plans.  “It’s finally warm enough that we could probably take the kids snow-shoeing,” she said, and then we both grinned as we considered how it is that we live in a place where you actually wait for it to warm up before taking the tykes snowshoeing.

The firewood pile dwindles…

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