Customer Service Hypertension

Trying to set up a business credit card.  Strictly for convenience and to make tax-time simpler.  After we went through the whole blankety-blank application process I have just now got off the phone with a certain large credit card company saying they can’t issue a card unless I open a business bank account (that I don’t NEED…already have a business checking account that has worked for over a decade now but apparently it’s not with the right institution), wait 30 days, then send them the letterhead of the bank verifying that I have an account that I don’t need.

This rant is incomplete, lacks coherence, is unoriginal and will stop now.  I have a list of things to do.  Open an empty bank account is not one of them.

“Rattafratz!” as Grandpa would say.

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of one of the Sneezing Cow crew members, this issue has been resolved.  Turns out the customer service person I was talking to didn’t have a clue (at least it wasn’t just me).  I was ready to just rant and move on, but the Sneezing Cow crew member (we are a vast conglomerate) went to a higher level of management and voila – satisfaction.

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