Lucky Man

This post should be 10,000 words long, but there are other deadlines so I’ll just stitch up a quick list:

– A thoughtful discussion with Mennonite friends.
– The safe local arrival of an Iraqi family.
– The harmonious talents of my musician friends filling the warm car as I drove through snow and dark.
– My wife’s beautiful countenance as she caught an all-too-rare Sunday afternoon nap.
– My two-year old singing along with a song I wrote and – right at the end there – hitting the exact note.
– My nine-year old returning from a cold sledding trip with friends to happily report that, “the place on my arm where my mitten ends was so numb that I could bite it and it didn’t even hurt!”
– Not one, but three eggs in the nesting box.

All within 24 hours.  I am frequently at my most taciturn and reclusive in the company of those I love…but I am not such a full-time fool that I do not take a moment in the chicken coop to consider my blessings.

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