Ragged Vocal Cords, Big Smile

Have had a throat/head cold thing going for a week or so (technical medical term: “the crud”).  As a result, my voice has been pretty much shot.  Didn’t say much ahead of time, but I was mighty concerned about how the Long Beds concert would go last night.  Took a day off from talking (except for some Dr. Seuss stories for a certain 2-year-old), pounded some mysterious vitamins, spent a bunch of time with Mabis the Steamer, drank a bunch of tea (mostly Throat Coat and alfalfa mint), and did my vocal exercises (thanks, Tom) as any good diva would, and warmed up before the show (while listening to the gorgeous/powerful harmonies of QuinnElizabeth) with vocal exercises and a last-minute Slim Jim (mild).

Then when we hit the stage, we just let’er rip, and man, did we have fun.  So thank you to everyone who worked to pull the thing together and pull it off, and thank you especially to the people who packed the place.  It was good to see you, fun to play for you, and we’ll see you again.  And thank you to the ‘Beds themselves; they are the great sofa of sound upon which I recline.  It’d be mighty stringy without them.

In the meantime, here at 6 a.m. the following morning (doing this quick before the tiny feet hit the stairs at which point I will switch to cook and nose-wiper), I am croaking like a frog, but a grateful frog nonetheless.

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