Back Home?

By the time you read this we should be back home.  Spent the week in the Mineral Point area courtesy of the folks at Shake Rag Alley, who asked me in to help with a writing workshop.  A special thank you to “my” writing crew.  We came to discuss writing in general and their work in specific, but I left feeling I’d been given new perspectives on my own typing, and why I’m so grateful I am allowed to spend so much time with words.  Thanks to everyone who gathered in the little room…may your pens flow freely, and your keyboards never stick.

This was fun, too:

Mineral Point Alley Stage

An outdoor stage carved from a backstop of native limestone.  Kinda like the cheesehead version of Red Rocks.  You will note some longsuffering folks had to stare at my “other side” for the entire evening.  Now they know how it feels to be in the band.

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