In Which I Confess to Snark

This is one of those emails I probably never should have sent.  I call them refrigerator emails: write them, let them cool overnight, then delete in the morning.  But I sent it.

We have used a certain company for certain services for several years now.  They have been terrific.  They also recently got bought out or remade or somesuch.  The “improvements” have resulted in breakdowns and backlogs.  Now then: As someone who sells things online and has dealt with his own customer service issues, I am slow to lambaste anyone because I know how dumb I feel when we mess up an order or someone has trouble accessing our site and I don’t have the immediate fix.  So I’m actually pretty mellow about the problems and delays the company has been having.  What finally tripped my trigger was their repeated invocation – in emails and on recorded phone messages – of a certain phrase.  And so, against my better judgment, I wrote them a note:

Also may I politely and respectfully say that when someone tells me “We Love You” at every turn while apologizing for not being able to help me promptly, the effect is emotionally counterproductive?  My helper had to hear it over and over while she was on an endless loop of hold with your customer service as well.  I am a longtime satisfied and grateful client of [company].  I understand full well that changeovers often require patience, and I’m happy to give it.  But seriously, this “we love you” stuff is a real load of Nutrasweet.

I’ll probably regret that.

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