Good Morning

First coffee.  Gray out there, and breezy.  No dew this morning, I recall the old-timers telling me that meant rain later on.  We could use it.  Helped my wife water the garden last night and there was much dust and more than one set of curled leaves (although the blankety-blank moles may have something to do with that).  Plan is to pick up pigs today.  I mounted a solar fencer yesterday only to read that it is supposed to charge in the sun for three days prior to use.  Naturally it has been overcast pretty much ever since I put it up.  Can it be I’ll have to drag out sixteen extension cords and resurrect the orange Blitzer until the sun returns?

Also last night, the first fireflies.  Just a blink or two here and there, a sign that shortly the eventide hills will be stroboscopic with love.

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