Ready for Winter?

Last year we made it through a long, cold winter and had about four stovefuls of wood left over.  I hand-split the whole works.  But this year I got way behind.  So yesterday my Dad came with his hydraulic splitter and we made firewood all day long.  I’d say we’ve got enough stacked to get us to early February…so I’ll need to rustle up some more yet, but we’re in much better shape.  My only concern is if it will dry in time for fall.  We split it real thin and it’s stacked on a windy south-facing hillside, so that should help.  Right now it’s sunny and breezy now and I can smell the musky/cheesy scent of the split oak crossing the yard.

Dad has never been on the internet and won’t be anytime soon, but here’s a thanks to him.  He kept splitting late even after I showered and drove to town and joined my wife in the audience for a dance recital.  All those young children, dancing with heart and grace.  One particular 9-year-old and her friends performed a ballet to “Starry, Starry, Night” and left me with tears in my eyes.

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