OOPS! in COOP #4

This one makes me feel bad.  My parents are very private folks.  The fact that I write about them is a big presumption on my part.  Tonight my Mom called me.  She just saw the book and noticed that the copy on the inside dust jacket flap says my parents have taken in “over 100 foster children.”  Mom says it was more like 60 or so (she quit keeping track around that number), and when I checked the text of the book on page 86 that’s exactly what I wrote (“sixty or so”).  I’m pretty sure what happened is I put 100 in as a placeholder early on and it got left in a lot of the promotional material after I changed it in the main text.  So.  For the sake of my Mom, and just in case I get called out on Oprah, let it be known this mixup is completely on me.

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