Our friends Mark and Karen (they sold us our $1,000 van) (mentioned in Truck: A Love Story and recently retired when the gas tank detached) are doing some remodeling and let me tote off a bunch of used insulation for a project that currently exists only in my mind.  I was stacking the insulation batts in the pole barn when I heard scurrying and there was a little ol’ weasel, white with two beady black eyes and a black tail-tip (technically this would be a stoat or an ermine).  He was unafraid and visited me for the better part of half an hour, darting to within three feet of my toes.  I am ashamed to say the reason he is in the pole barn is because I forgot I had left some deer parts down there after skinning and quartering during deer season.  With the thaw, I (and apparently the weasel) have rediscovered them.

Anyway, he was an entertaining little bugger, flowing and scampering all around, over and beneath the accumulated junk.  My 9-year-old came down just to watch him and she was delighted.  Thought he was the cutest thing ever.  I just kept thinking what a weasel can do to chickens.  Hope he sticks to venison.

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