The Day They Tore the Water Tower Down

I loved the old silver water tower in New Auburn.  But time moves on.  And as I mentioned in the essay included in the “P.S.” edition of Population: 485, the water tower is no longer standing.

Water Tower old one in frame

ABOVE: This is how the water tower looked in its glory.  I keep this photo within sight of my writing desk.

BELOW: The tank is already gone.  All you can see is the crane used to lower the pieces: 

Water Tower 2



Water Tower 7


Up close, you see the legs, the ladder, the tank, all on the ground now:
 Water Tower 4


Off to the right, the catwalk (I walked it once, wrote about it in Off Main Street):

Water Tower 5

Headed for the scrap yard (prices were high then):

Water Tower 6


New kid in town:
Water Tower new


(Thank you to Gordon and Brenda for demolition photos)

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