Mike on Wisconsin Public Television

The crew from Wisconsin Public Television’s “Here And Now” rolled up here a while back and shot me yapping about winter.  Since then most all of the snow melted…until about two hours ago whereupon the white stuff came whomping down.  Yes, this was a whomping snow.  Heavy, wet, and wind-whipped.  Dropped on us like waterlogged goosedown.  Gotta plow the driveway in the morning, although that’s fun because I have two sweet blue-eyed co-pilots who treat the whole works like a cut-rate carnival ride.

In the meantime I’ve moved my EMS kit and reflective vest from the car to the plow truck in case the pager goes off in the dark hours.

Anyway, with the chicken coop all drifted in, it’s appropriate that the winter essay will air tomorrow night (and re-air Sunday).  Program times here.

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