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Continued Evolution of a Song

First there was the story of how the song came to be, and how it sounded early on.

In the company of a few other musicians, Geoffrey and Julia performed the song live again recently. From those early scratch vocals of mine through Julia’s first take to now, you can hear it beginning to find its form:

Red Leaf (Second Time Performed Live)

Projects like this leave me so grateful for this goofy ol’ panoplied life. Thank you, Geoffrey and Julia.

Working On A Song

Although I’m mainly a Farm & Fleet sort of fellow when it comes to music, I’ve recently had the opportunity to work on a song with jazz musician Geoffrey Keezer. It’s been an internet-based collaboration, with all communication via email (Geoffrey and I have never met, nor have we ever spoken, even on the phone).

After Geoffrey sent me an instrumental track, I put it on repeat and listened to it for a long time, trying to decide what I felt. I decided it made me feel like it was autumn and I was lonely. So I wrote this first verse:

Milkweed and heartbreak in the letterbox

Is the summer gone?

Will the snow fall to the sound of beating wings?

I thought I saw you at the corner shop

Ink and paper days

But you were floating far beyond the autumn haze.

Like a red leaf…on a blue wind

Far beyond me…forever turning

Like a red leaf…on a blue wind…your blue wind

Rest of the story and song (with audio) after the page break. (more…)