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S. Carey Video Soon

These video shoots really take it outta me. It’s all the method acting. Music video for my friend and sometimes-collaborator┬áS. Carey‘s “More I See” comes out next week. I got no idea, haven’t seen anything but a few of these photos by @brendanlauer + @kevin_horn … Check out the song and pre-order the record over…View post


Thank you to Lee Butterworth (photographer) and Evan Middlesworth (Pine Hollow Studios) for posting these photos of the Winter Sleeper show. Captures the feel of it perfectly I believe. Make sure to scroll through to the one of Billy Krause. How I love and admire that man. His hand is raised in benediction.* *OK, it…View post

Music at the Driftless

Most of the Driftless Region came out to hear author @sneezingcow read amazing stories from his books (seriously admired him for years) and @scareypics play from #boniver and @lesterlog what a great night at @driftlessbooks ?? #Driftless #driftlessbooks #seancarey #michaelperry #community A post shared by Driftless Adventures (@driftlessadventures) on Oct 13, 2017 at 7:21pm PDT…View post