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Screen Window

Over there on the Facebook, a man named Randy asked about something I had written about screen doors in one of my books. As far as I know, the only…View post

Old Saudade Post

Started a saudade tag a while back, and just found this in the Sneezing Cow archives: Made it to Wichita.  That’s quite a stretch there, driving down from Lincoln.  Lots…View post

Saudade Song of the Moment

“Farther Find Me Now,” by the Coal Men, from their album Kids with Songs. I am told this song was featured on the “Bitter Tears” episode of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest…View post

Nobbern Drive

Drove up to New Auburn with the kids yesterday, to a get-together on one of the lakes.  Right through town, out Highway M, “Jabowski’s” corner, Highway 40, into the lakeshore…View post