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Screen Window

Over there on the Facebook, a man named Randy asked about something I had written about screen doors in one of my books. As far as I know, the only thing I’ve ever written about my screen doors is how they are in constant disrepair, and if I want one fixed or hung decently, I…View post

Old Saudade Post

Started a saudade tag a while back, and just found this in the Sneezing Cow archives: Made it to Wichita.  That’s quite a stretch there, driving down from Lincoln.  Lots of time to think.  Lots of weatherbeaten farm buildings.   Windblown farmsteads always make me yearn.  You wonder about the history, about the days when…View post

Nobbern Drive

Drove up to New Auburn with the kids yesterday, to a get-together on one of the lakes.  Right through town, out Highway M, “Jabowski’s” corner, Highway 40, into the lakeshore area where you meet a lot of Minnesota and Illinois plates heading home Sunday afternoon.  So lush there, it’s that thick green time of year,…View post