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Here, Piggy…

Fencing for beefers is progressing, we have a fresh batch of chicks due to arrive in a week or so (thus, actual spring would be nice), and next week we’ll…View post

Pigs and Hope

From here I can see the pig hutch marooned in the snow (open end is turned toward the woods…it doubled as a deer blind in November). Plan is to get…View post

Dry, Dry Here

This has been a perfect autumn stretch…sunny days have allowed us to get much of our garden bed preps done.  We opened a new patch this year and although it…View post

Talking Pigs

A while back I talked about pigs with Yael Grauer of the food magazine Spezzatino.  The entire interview is available here as a downloadable .pdf.  Yael asked some good questions…View post

Mike on Renegade Farmer Radio

Another interview for the Coop paperback tour, although we got delightfully off-track and managed to discuss Truck and Population 485 and the music as well.  I like this blog radio…View post