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Haircut, Panama, 2006

In a Dale Watson T-shirt and a barber chair designed to run on unleaded, steak, and a pack’a Marbs.

Don’t Look Outside

Rather than acknowledge the sn*w, here’s a photo of a chicken by a pool in Panama. When I took the photo I was working on the book Visiting Tom. I…View post


I have at best a passing knowledge of contemporary baseball, but when I was walking on a remote beach in Panama with my Panamanian brother-in-law last winter and this fairly…View post

Passed Out Sober in Panama

We’d been there all day, chasing kids, playing in the surf, dancing around jellyfish… Told my brother-in-law (mi cunado) I needed “five minutes” and when I woke up the sun…View post

Panama 9

When it’s time to deliver a load of fish, you don’t want to waste a lot of time looking around for a dock: At the end of the day, the…View post