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I have at best a passing knowledge of contemporary baseball, but when I was walking on a remote beach in Panama with my Panamanian brother-in-law last winter and this fairly regular-looking middle-aged bald guy strolled past us with his wife, even I recognized the all-time legendary closer (and Panamanian) Mariano Rivera. So I’m sorry to see this.

Passed Out Sober in Panama

We’d been there all day, chasing kids, playing in the surf, dancing around jellyfish… Told my brother-in-law (mi cunado) I needed “five minutes” and when I woke up the sun was at a different angle and the whole family was packed up and gone…but my sister-in-law snuck back down for this shot. Never have had a drink in my life, but I bet everyone who walked by wondered where all the empty bottles were…

Panama 9

When it’s time to deliver a load of fish, you don’t want to waste a lot of time looking around for a dock:

At the end of the day, the fishermen leave their boats on the beach. But they remove the engines and lock them up. For this guy, the process is pretty straightforward (he was about five feet tall):


Panama 8

The dogs of Panama. Not dead, just not in a hurry.




Panama 7

I mentioned in an earlier post that we were in an area of Panama that is seeing some big development but also there were chickens in the vacant lot next door to our apartment. And these shots were taken along our walk to the fish market. You always wonder what the story is. But we couldn’t have been happier there.




Panama 6

Every morning out in front of our apartment we would see the small fishing boats go out. Later, when they began to return, we would walk the down the beach half a mile and get supper.




Panama 5

This is the school where our daughters were allowed to attend classes during our visit. My wife also taught yoga there. I went one day and talked to a terrific group of students about writitng and revision.

Panama 3

What you want to do is look cool by the pool.