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The Blighted Trumpet

This was my father’s trumpet. It’s beat, bent, and busted. But I just blew it here in Pine Hollow Studios so we could put some distant notes behind a song. Long time ago, in the essay “Scarlet Ribbons,” I wrote about how Dad’s trumpet playing altered the course of my life. After five minutes in…View post

Off Main Street

While signing books during recent Long Beds events, I had several people ask me about the book Off Main Street. It was published between Population 485 and Truck: A Love Story, and like the quiet kid in a big family, sometimes gets lost over there in the corner–and yet if it wasn’t for Off Main Street, those other books wouldn’t…View post

Sometimes We Think Up Stuff On Our Own

Just overheard a pair of New York City-based financial news commentators marveling over the rise of mobile butchers. They said the concept arose from the local food movement in Seattle and is now spreading. Seattle has been very good to me, so let me say it is not Seattle’s fault that it never occurred to the commentators that…View post

Kidney Stone

I fought to keep the kidney stone piece out of Off Main Street (I thought no one would care) and it has become one of the more popular things I’ve ever written. Shows what I know. Got this in an email this morning: “I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say your kidney…View post

Excerpt of the Week: Elvis

Reading this now (I wrote it in–gulp–1997) it’s good to know Steve Earle is still going strong. Elvis–some say–is still dead. From Off Main Street: In 1991, profoundly recalcitrant country artist Steve Earle recorded the live album Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator. Earle was on a grungy downhill slide at the time, the heroin…View post