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Hanging Around My Hometown

writer case

How wonderful and humbling this is. My hometown high school arranged to have a case (made of 100-year-old barn wood) placed in the commons, then filled it with with my books and CDs.

Wherever I’m standing when I say it, I am grateful to be of and from New Auburn, Wisconsin.

I see they left a couple of spaces there. I’m working on filling those right now.

A special thanks (per a little bird) to J.Y. for construction and S.P. for providing the wood.

Bootlegged Thanks

Thanks for all the “Bootlegged” orders, folks. It’s a lo-fi and on-the-fly live recording of a show the Long Beds and I did at the Big Top. Includes some stories in between songs including the one about me drawing blood from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) on behalf of Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) because, I…I…well, sometimes you gotta help the neighbors.

The Oats Are Down, Thank You Neighbor


Just about every year I plant some oats. Usually harvest them with a scythe. This year, with book tour a week away, I found myself cornered by the calendar and the weather, so my neighbor “other Tom” (not that Tom) came over with his John Deere 530 and knocked’em down. That green tractor sure sounds nice chugging up the hill. He has more than one, and this isn’t the first time he’s helped me get out on book tour.

Why I Like the Roughneck Life

Because we don’t think this is goofy, or post-ironic. It’s simply the ride Donny wanted.

Friends and family – and Donny – aboard.

And a slow ride to the cemetery.

It was cold. Afterward, I went home and started a fire using firewood Donny helped me cut. We have good neighbors around here. Below, Donny and Denny helping me buzz up firewood. Donny is in the camo.