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Trucks, Chickens, Bachelors, Indies

Indies, not undies. Over on the sneezingcow YouTube channel we just reposted some footage back from when Truck was given a nice award. I couldn’t be at the ceremony because I was headed out on book tour, so we shot this video, which includes a big thank you to independent booksellers, me demonstrating how to…View post

The International Stage

As we’ve been saying, on Saturday night the Long Beds played on the International stage (thanks, George!): The view from inside the venue: There were some sweet red tractors there as well. And I signed a lot of these. The event was in support of these folks.

Wisconsin Historical Society

This photo reminded me again what a wonderful place the Wisconsin Historical Society is. If you’re ever in Madison, you won’t regret dropping in. This is also the place to go for anything and everything IH. Y’know, if you’re the sort of person who likes that sorta thing.