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Seed Catalogs–You Have Been Warned

Based on emails, comments, and underlines, this may be the most popular line I’ve ever composed: Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than Enron and Playboy combined. –…View post

Screen Window

Over there on the Facebook, a man named Randy asked about something I had written about screen doors in one of my books. As far as I know, the only…View post

Asparagus Up

Picked the first asparagus last night. Proud of my wife. Three years ago she lobbied to put the beds in, I (Mister Instant Gratification) just couldn’t see planting smething that…View post

Dry, Dry Here

This has been a perfect autumn stretch…sunny days have allowed us to get much of our garden bed preps done.¬† We opened a new patch this year and although it…View post