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My Wife Is Not A Loner

Due to a tech glitch we weren’t able to link to Mike’s weekly Wisconsin State Journal “Roughneck Grace” column as we do most Mondays, so here it is. Mike’s previous…View post

Caffeine Clarity Interview

Recent interview (conducted in an Algoma cafe) about writing, coffee, Budapest, Montaigne, Bustelo coffee, and other sundries.

“Roughneck Grace” Coffee Column online

Every week the Wisconsin State Journal runs “Roughneck Grace,” a weekly column written by Mike (many of the columns will be adapted from Mike’s Tent Show Radio monologues). Today’s column (about GOING COLD TURKEY…View post

Dandy Rant

Let me begin by saying I truly like this stuff.  Had a mugful after dinner the other night.  Tasted great.  Even had a nice little crema right there at first. …View post