Big Boy’s Big Rig: The Leftovers

In the 1990s, when he was a magazine freelancer hustling books off a card table at craft fairs, the mall, and out of his car trunk, Michael Perry self-published two books: Why They Killed Big Boy and Other Stories and Big Rigs Elvis, & the Grand Dragon Wayne. In 2005, after the success of Perry’s book Population 485, Harper Perennial published Off Main Street, a collection of Perry’s essays, magazine articles, and short fiction. Big Boy’s Big Rig: The Leftovers contains the 11 essays from Why They Killed Big Boy and Big Rigs, Elvis & the Grand Dragon Wayne that weren’t included in Off Main Street. This new collection includes fresh reflections and commentary written for each piece by Perry in 2020. (89 pages)

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Why They Killed Big Boy Original Preface

Shooting the Split

Fighting Fire…In Belize

The Moon Brings Not Pleasure

Steve Gunderson and the Game of Politics

A Day with Dave

Big Rigs, Elvis & the Grand Dragon Wayne Original Preface

Put the Wet Stuff on the Red Stuff

Anatomy of an Interview

Insoluble Toxins

A Pilgrim’s Progress


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