Bootlegged at the Big Top – Michael Perry and the Long Beds

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This album was recorded lo-fi and on the fly beneath a gigantic blue tent filled with good people perched high above Lake Superior on a night when the Apostle Islands appeared as black holes in a reflection of the Milky Way. Fancy wasn’t on the set list, but music, stories, laughter and applause were, and we’re happy to share it just as it happened: imperfectly, joyfully, and gratefully.

1. Intro
2. Still Alive
3. Sally & Jack
4. New York City Publicists
5. Icarus (for Anneliese)
6. Chris and Molly Intro
7. Somewhere South of Sunday
8. Bloody Flaming Lips
9. If They Give You Wings
10. Bachelors, Brides, and Cannons
11. Shaman Girl
12. Andy Intro
13. Three Miles Outta Trego*
14. Trucker Intro, Service Salute
15. How Many Miles
16. Billy and Chuck Intro
17. Ashes*
18. Sweet Edge of Time
19. After Waymore’s Blues
20. Advice From a Grammy Winner
21. Indiana
22. Thanks. Yep.
23. Undone

*Previously unreleased.

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