This Week’s Tent Show Radio: The Music of Riverpants

Check out Mike (Twitter: @SneezingCow) hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @BigBlueTent). This week’s episode features “The Music of Riverpants.”

If you’re “fishing” for a good time and want to “reel” with “lunker” laughs, this knee slappin’ musical written by Warren Nelson is sure to do the trick. Energetic musical numbers, hearty fishing songs, mirthful interludes, and classic bits and skits makeup Big Top Chautauqua’s musical comedy revue Riverpants. Returning to the tent in 2022 after more than a decade, stars of the Blue Canvas Orchestra delighted audiences in this beloved original production. Warren Nelson’s Anglin’ Wayne guided the audience on his top fishing tips & trips, Jack Gunderson, Liz Woodworth, & Tom Mitchell shined as Midwest Folk characters Ole Lena, and Sven, and Ed Willet, Severin Behnen, Phil Anich, Otis McLennon, Betty Ferris, Randy Sabien, and Billy Knoblauch were on hand for additional hijinks and to provide the driving music behind the production.

Michael Perry shares humorous stories throughout on the Big Top stage. If you prefer to watch this and previous episodes, follow this link for all the available viewing options. 

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