“Million Billion” Shipping Update

Howdy folks, thank you and an update to everyone who pre-ordered Million Billion: All pre-orders will be signed by Mike. They are due to ship by the end of May, earlier if we get them. There is some possibility of a delay because of a supply-chain disruption with the printer but A) they’re telling us they can still deliver by May 28, and B) we’ve placed a backup order with a different printer just in case. If you ordered additional items, the order may be on hold until Million Billion¬†arrives. I’m happy to say the actual packaging and shipping is done by a local small business, and if you have a concern with your order we can go directly to them. We’re a small little crew/conglomeration…I do the typing and try to stay out of their way, but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me through the SneezingCow.com site and someone will be in touch. We’re grateful for every single reader.

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