UPDATE: Ladysmith Event Postponed

Howdy folks. For a number of reasons–respect for the health of others chief among them–we have decided to postpone the event in Ladysmith tomorrow (I was scheduled to appear in the Middle School Auditorium).

As you might suspect, this is related to the many ways we’re being asked to pitch in and reduce the risk of coronavirus for our neighbors. I like to joke that my audience “skews old,” but in fact, many of the people who attend my events are in the vulnerable demographic. My elders. Our elders. Dear members of my immediate family. So we’re making this move out of prudence, not panic.

We are already in talks to reschedule. If you bought tickets, I am assured they will be good for the new date. If you bought tickets and desire a refund, please contact Kevin at (715) 415-4881.

This whole little family enterprise of ours runs on gratitude, and so it remains. Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, I’ll see y’down the road.

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