Full day of sausage-making yesterday with good pal Mills. He bought a new grinder, much more power, much more chest-puffing. Venison from the back yard plus pork from the local butcher (no home pigs this year due to book tour). Special Sicilian mixes (varying hot-nesses), a breakfast mix including fresh-ground nutmeg, and an Italian mix I did sorta like a jazz improvisation, shaking this herb and that herb. We’ll see. Oh, and lots of garlic, don’t approach too close.

The garlic courtesy of my wife’s dedication to the garden while I trundle hither and yon.

We were entertained throughout by the three-year-old who did a long-form cabaret involving countless costume changes. The show only stopped for nap, the occasional high-pitched fit, and that time she fell off her high-heeled plastic princess slippers.

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