Live Skunk In the Middle of the Road

They’re resurfacing our road so was up at dawn to move vehicles down to the bottom of the hill.  It was a nice morning to be afoot, the fog so heavy that it was dripping from the trees.  I was walking up our driveway when I heard grass moving behind me and looked to see a skunk amble out about ten feet away.  At first it turned toward me and remembering the cowboy books of my youth, I thought, “It’s got the hydrophoby!” and prepared to run for my life, but then it changed course and just ambled on over to the other side of the driveway and back into the weeds.

Seeing a lot of fawns right now as well.  Getting bigger but still spotted.  Came back from making a first responder call the other afternoon and had to stop in the driveway because a fawn was nursing a doe right in front of the mailbox.

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