Hello, He Says, and Off They Go

Just put John Prine’s new album In Person & On Stage on the CD player, and here comes “Spanish Pipedream” about a mile-a-minute and it has given me such a lift.  Just to know John Prine is still among us, fer one thing (wow – that first album was out in 1971!), and then because it’s a great take on the song, and then because my two daughters have got to where they’ll ask for that song when we’re driving home in the car.  If you know the lyrics, you’ll know what fun it would be to sing along with the tots* while homebound:

Blow up yer TV,
Throw away yer paper
Move to the country,
Build you a home…

You can listen to the album right over here.  Neat to hear him dedicate the second song to his wife.

*Umm.  Yes, some of the lyrics are a tad grown-uppy, but the key is to just hit that chorus with abandon.  Life is grown-uppy.

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