Miscellaneous Book Notes

First, this.

Then, briefly:

Charles Rice is 80 years old.  For 30 years he served as a volunteer firefighter and he helped usher in the age of the EMT.  I’m glad he captured this history in Last Call.  There is a very helpful review here (scroll down).  More info here.

I met Tom Rivers in a blur on one of my book tour stops, and he handed me his Farm Hands.  It’s a front-line report from the fields where he worked side by side with immigrant laborers.

And finally, because I always tell folks you just have to keep shoveling, I’m happy to report that when I met Kathy Bricetti at the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference many years ago, she said she was working on a memoir.  Blood Strangers is out now, and Kathy, I’m proud to say we workshopped together way back when.

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